A Brief Rant On The Political Press

This brief rant was written several months before the Democratic Presidential Primary of 2008

These creeps are going to do everything within their power to steal
the election. Thank god we have sources like Media Whores to document
their behavior.

I’m so angry at the laziness and cynicism manifested by the
incompetent press corps that holds hostage the political integrity of
this nation. The sputtering, outraged, know-it all crowd, prettier
than me, more vacant than Gennifer Flowers and sucking up endlessly to
the ugliest of America has debased the nation that produced Abraham
Lincoln, Thomas Paine, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain, HL
Mencken, Malcolm X, William Saroyan and Murray Kempton and turned it
into the syringe-littered playground of sneering, foul smelling and
cyst-ridden radio show hosts, smarmy, sweaty, duplicitious pundits,
Alzheimered presidents with nasty faced, anorexic wives, imperial and
corrupted CEO’s and celebrated the rise a den of pathological liars
and alcoholic sociopaths who steer this country’s wealth into their
own spilling pockets. Their jeering at Gore’s campaign, their
willingness to lie about who he was has left us bereft of hope that
the press in this nation truly understands democracy.

I say it’s time we marched on the press. I say it’s time we take over
the lobbies of the Washington Post, I say it’s time we called Len
Downey to answer why this nation should satisfy his own partisan and
shortsighted grievances. I say it’s time we demand Howell Raines rise
to a higher standard. It say its time we take over the lobbies of
MSNBC, Fox and CNN. I say we call Roger Ailes for the traitor he is
and burn him in effigy. I say its time we find out why Mickey Kaus
thinks it’s okay to advocate the killing of liberals so he can look
impartial. I say it’s time we chant, “do your job, do your job.” It’s
time journalism demanded more of Americans and they’re too fat,
conservative and comfortable to do it unless there is no other option.

The government of the United States is not a game. It’s not the Super
Bowl and yet those imperious, condescending asswipes focus obsessively
on sharks and kidnapped children and smugly site ratings as the reason
for their ineptitude and partisanship.

What ever happened to demanding something of citizens? Why can’t we as
Americans be held to a higher standard? Why can’t we be asked to
sacrifice? Since when is demanding having every consumer delight
available 24 hours a day the pinacle of patriotism? What is wrong with
asking Americans to drive a car that gets 40 miles per gallon and
takes more than a few seconds to get to 60? What happened to a 40 hour
work week and Sundays and holidays off? What happened to reading the
newspaper? What happened to us as a nation? Why is the only acceptable
sacrifice Americans are called to the lives of our “professional”

I am angry, angry, angry. I can’t sleep. I’m crying and I want my
nation back. I do not believe the press understands democracy. They
are now the court that blossoms in the generosity of the king and our
king has been more than generous to them.

How do we get our country back? I fear it’ll take far more than voting
at this late stage of the game.

© Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved

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