Mom. Wife. Filmmaker. Dog lover. Happy. What else is there?

Lorenda Starfelt, my wife and artistic companion for almost 16 years, died of cancer on March 16, 2011 at approximately 7:55 PM. We were about to embark on a new feature film – a musical film, no less – based on a story/treatment she had penned earlier in the year. The film, entitled Beginning Blue, is in pre-production as I write this.

Lorenda was one of the most enthusiastic and energetic individuals I’ve ever known, and I am infinitely better for having known her. I loved her madly while she was alive, and I love her with equal fervor now that she’s moved on. This site is intended not simply as a tribute to her memory, but also as a checkpoint for her past, present and ongoing creative projects. You’ll find there’s a lot to go through in here: images, essays, creative writings, and a brief biography which I hope to add to in the months to come.

Lorenda was a brilliant woman, and a deeply loving and moral spirit. She was never my muse, she was my companion and collaborator in the truest and deepest sense of those words.


Brad Mays, April 3, 2011

© Copyright 2011

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9 Responses to Mom. Wife. Filmmaker. Dog lover. Happy. What else is there?

  1. Marti Frederick says:

    I love the way you honor Lorenda. It makes one more fully understand love and the concept of immortality.

  2. betterbunny says:

    Thanks so much for your generous comment. Hopefully, this site will continue to grow. Perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Judy Blye says:

    Her life ended early just like Johnny Cochran and Robert Kardashian . You have to wonder if the lies they web to protect others was worth it, only in Starfelt’s lie she unleashed an animal of destruction and gave it teeth. Americans will suffer long and hard because of her help in the largest deceit ever put upon , not only the American people , but people all over the world. She will be considered a major player when the truth be told and the hurt exposed. I doubt she is resting in peace for she will forever suffer in justice. Shame on her and anyone that knew of her contribution leaving the truth untold for they should be punished too. It is not forgivable to deceive your own county, if she had lived she would be getting the death penalty for treason. You would expect more from someone with her education than to do such a deceptive act like a criminal or thug. She probably was proud of herself for a short time but I doubt that lasted as she saw our freedoms being stripped away of everything that we hold dear including our religious freedom and as she saw the suffering in Iraq, Libya, Egypt , Tneasnia, Yemen where people are being persecuted just because they are Christians. She will get no mercy for she is as bad as it gets which will all be seen in time . When you are complicit in a crime and the crime that followed couldn’t without your complicity you are responsible for those crimes too. And complicity could be just knowing and not coming forth. Her crime was much more than knowing she gave the monster
    his legs and teeth.

    • betterbunny says:

      Thanks for your comment, Judy. You’re an idiot. I know because I’ve done a bit of research on you:

      Now run off and play, little Tea Party girl, like a nice little fascist, and don’t come in here again.

      • thedametruth says:

        ROTFLMAO Always consider the source, folks…clearly this clueless commentator has no idea what intelligence, integrity and research entail. We who knew and worked with Lori are joining her in paroxysms of laughter at the pathetic effrontery, ignorance & unbridled hostility of this ‘waste of the human body,” as a knowledgeable associate put it. However, this kind of hostile idiocy is, unfortunately,the rule rather than the exception in today’s substandard schools, “teachers” and robotic little ” students, whose insufferably substandard quality has invaded & pervaded what used to be called journalism and turned it into a cesspool of inanity. Put another way: one simply cannot fix stupid. And no one knew that better than Lori.

  4. I happened on this wordpress site by using Google to find out about making a short film. This site was one of the early suggestions. I was intrigued by the content and wanted to find out more about its author. I was overwhelmed when I found out that she had died. I can only image the pain the family has gone through when a loved one passes much too soon than they should have. I have experienced such a loss, but I hope that you, Brad, will be able to complete the project the two of you began. Though this comment is two years overdue, you have my sincerest condolences for your loss.

    Wishing you all the best.

  5. andy says:

    I appreciate this website a lot, and I appreciate who Lorenda was. I hope everyone who knew and loved her is doing well these days, and I thank you for keeping this site up.

  6. anonfromwopo says:

    miss your voice, bb. you were always sharp and funny and fearless and humane.

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